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Launching August 15th

Sleepover Club is a non-hierarchal initiative fuelled by collective creativity and shared experiences with the aim to engage with the broader conversation. We encourage collaboration and solidarity amongst artists and the facilitation of art making that acts as a reclamation of the processes of collaboration and negotiation as seen in second wave feminist art practices.

We want to subvert and push back against the lack of equality in the arts world by addressing the issues of disparity in regards to representation in exhibitions, solo shows and museum collections, pay gaps for both female artists, curators and gallerists and the inclusion of more feminist art education in high school are tertiary curriculums. Sleepover Club aims to be humorous but intelligent, light hearted but powerful.

We want to divert from palatable, safe feminism and use our collective power to call out the discrepancies felt by cis women, trans women and women of colour.



If you are interested in writing for SC, being part of our artist collective or contributing to future exhibitions and projects, send us a line at

In partnership with Brunswick Street Gallery and The Push