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Fresh and Fruity manifesto volume iii

Creating accountable spaces (part i)

Fresh and Fruity is an all wahine collective based in Aotearoa consisting of Mya Middleton, Hana Aoake and Severine Costa. As well as facilitating the work of others, the collective upholds an artistic and writing practice, with which they seek to highlight the power dynamics within the art world, by illuminating the intersection of class, race and gender.

To coincide with Edition II, Fresh and Fruity present Fresh and Fruity manifesto volume iii: Creating accountable spaces (part i), an ongoing piece questioning the accountability of art institution in maintaining safe spaces. The manifesto highlights issues such as the way in which perpetrators are protected, the emotional labour of this work, support strategies and strategies for self care for both survivors and their supporters.

Fresh and Fruity manifesto volume iii: Creating accountable spaces (part i) was read for What Has Feminism Ever Done For Me? at Neon Parlour (6th - 19th May 2016)

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