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Jonno Revanche

Jonno Revanche (they/them) explores romantic notions of movement and associations of home

Subtweets and suburbia

Powerlines powerlines, songs and soundtracks, don't stop now before you've fully experienced the nostalgia, emos and open front doors and sparse yards filled with smoke, or the author that couldn’t quite mythologise this area enough for money, and fairy lights are repugnant to behold but they comfort you anyway - reminding you of safety 

- mineral and sunny day and boys plucking guitar you wish you could ignore and heavenly getaways, or malaise and filling the space with hegemony, I never liked irony unless………….. it was panic at the disco that did it………… and 

"The same old thing" is almost spelled out with neon - I can notice something behind the veneer,

of young girls in thin, Paisley pigtail get-ups with wry expressions and creases in their skin as they frown. And zooming somewhere in the distance and humming from inside the freezer in the deli and the magic that spools into residue in the street, which stretches out like a stretchy man strong toy or gumby pulled apart, or motorbikes for breakfast,

I stand, I stood, striking and exemplary only to my shadow, what a joke! tangled and overshadowed

What does it mean to be uninteresting, anyway, to be so embarrassed by your hometown you'll throw it off like yesterday's overcoat and let it burn in front if your 1970s heater, 

or refuse to let yourself feel that warm inner glow of sentimentality. Should we abandon those old versions of ourselves as we move on? Does our physical location mould our metaphysical minds? I am this: “””enmeshed.””” I am this: “”””undone.””” No wonder I've changed. I felt the old personhood shatter like ceramic. Structure is skittish. I dream of a day that I’ll be stable. I called myself an international fake yesterday, and I’m ashamed at all the things I commodify.

Every person that passes by me in the street has that same part, unkilled, not yet undead.

"jump rope for heart”, except spiritually 

The palm trees of athelstone spell out paradise - that interchange screams of a place telling of in between. It's no one's home but for fragile moments people try their best to avoid intimacy there - nothing is scarier than actually being vulnerable, lol - they’re waiting for a bus

So keen on your memories…………… but you left everyone behind for fame, that old chestnut explodes connection and intimacy and you revel in your masculinity. This attitude that you thought was new was so lazy. Maybe you can never compete enough to fill something that festers in your heart. It’s apparently not enough for you to draw upon for poetry, 

evidently enough to contextualise and string along for an audience, or, was this ever yours to own and sell when murder was always an undertone? but, it's been spelled out and you think it's stale when sometimes you swear it still feels good.


Jonno Revanche is the debut studio album by American pop punk band Fall Out Boy. It was released on May 6, 2003, by Fuelled by Ramen. They are the editor of Vaein Zine and their work has appeared in Daily Life, The Guardian, Novembre and I-D.

Images courtesy of Lana Adams