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Réka Borda

Hungarian poet Réka Borda's (she/her) recent work, Sunbathing with Lenke K. - As it could have been

“…and where she was begat
and in a generation
the third she will beget, 
with the stranger's seed blooming
into the flower called Horrid.”
Anne Sexton
The obituary is due to arrive any day from now. 
According to Edith G., I will be similar to you.
Similarly unfortunate.
Credulous. Suffering from a brain tumour. 
Pubic hair peeking out from underneath your bathing suit. 
I’m watching it shine under the peaking sunlight.
I could have witnessed you as a Sappho,
bending closer to a shell, but eventually
it was me who became agnostic and immoral. 
Your gnarly nose and aging skin, just like girl splashing
on the grey belly of the lake. I open your head
and the tumour, amongst coins of small change, lipstick and a tiny fish, swims back
and forth. If I could peel off my skin,
crayfish, together with my nipple,
would reveal the Edith G.,
whom you gave birth to. I push you in,
but remain floating on the water.  


Translated by Leila Kozma 

Réka Borda, born in 1992. Lives in Budapest, Hungary. Poet, journalist and design theorist with some foreign language skills.