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Tegan Iversen

Where are you from? What is important to you?

I am from Melbourne, Australia and completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drawing) at the Victorian College of the Arts last year (2014). Art, fashion, fun, feminism, family, mates, colour, pattern and cute things are important to me! 


Where do you source your inspiration?

I am inspired by life around me: people, places, things and quite often food. Majority of my work is based on the everyday so I am usually inspired by things I consistently see or do day-to-day.


Can you describe your first experience with feminism, or perhaps when you first identified as a feminist?

I really can't remember my first experience with feminism or when I first specifically identified as a feminist. I kind of always (naively) assumed that equality was just there and have only truly recently become more aware of how everyone is often being treated/mistreated on the larger scale of things.


Sleepover Club is about collective action and art making, but also about joining the broader conversation on feminism, how does your work translate the female experience?

My work tells my own personal story; the perspective of a twenty-two year old emerging female artist straight out of Uni, trying to depict things that I like and enjoy and really matter to me at this particular time in my life.


Can you speak about the themes and issues you explore in your work?

The constant theme in my work is the everyday, with this broad topic I specifically explore my own life and experiences. I use my work as a form of documentation and have dealt with feelings such as happiness and anxiety as well as the concepts of sexuality and nostalgia.    


What do you contribute to contemporary feminism?

I'd like to think that my art is an honest portrayal from a young female perspective. I hope it's relatable and encourages others to be open about themselves and who they are and what they like. 


What do you think needs to change in the art world before women are on par with men?

I think everyone needs to be treated fairly and fully acknowledged for their achievements.


Can you share with us your favourite female artists/activists/role models?

Yayoi Kusama, Bridget Riley, Elizabeth Peyton, Frida Kahlo, Guerrilla Girls, Björk, Gwen Stefani, Madonna, Dawn Tan, Alice Oehr, Kitiya Palaskas, Georgia Perry, my mum, Grandma, Nan and awesome gal pals!