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Contiguous Desire Lines

Desire lines are the informal paths created when pedestrians deviate from the original walkway, often serving as the clearest course between origin and destination. These routes, that connect appetite with gratification, can be recognised in multiple aspects of our lives, not least our sexual behaviour. 

When we diverge from the line that orientation has been designed to follow, we forge independent paths to make an explorative departure from the norm. To reject the straight and narrow, we assume a position of queerness. In a formation of female bodies, entwined and lying alongside one another, a sexual psychogeography is conceived, weaving its own intrinsic landmarks. Bodies find ways to interlock. With an absence of conventional connections, techniques differ from that of sexual comparatives and new, fragmentary contours result. 

It is the sweaty, sticky, in-between spaces that come to resemble burrows, dwellings and caverns. Where skin meets, folds and creases assemble. Soft boundaries are cast. Sharing the same gender, a visual ambiguity can present with bodies less easy to distinguish between. Forms mirror one another. Accompanied by an interplay of desire and identification, this creates a scene of familiar yet foreign aspects. 

These geographies, interspersed with the ordinary and the domestic, suggest a symbiosis between the corporeal and the material where spaces acquire the shape of the bodies that inhabit them and vice-versa. Records of reciprocated gestures, movements and narrative, chart a map of carnal endeavours. Desire lines are laid contiguously. 

Situationally, our sex lives and identities are surrounded and offset by geometries. Hard lines may jar with or guide us. Repetition can provoke pleasure or tedium. Mapped out choices or messy trails of trial and error are all ultimately contained by personal and societal thresholds. These are the constructs that embody intimacy. They are the marks, stains and drips that leave residue. They are the forms that we choose to mould and that, in turn, shape us.  

Working as a collaborative duo, YETI operates between the thematic boundaries of painting, sculpture, digital and social media. Existing primarily as an Instagram Account, Yeti101_2016, YETI explores the language of the internet and popular culture through constructed posts and hashtags. Positioned on the prevalent boundary of social media, a lightly facetious stance is adopted towards both the platform upon which the duo operate and the content of work explored. Discovering the commonalities in the seemingly unrelated and juxtaposing these, YETI presents paradoxical subject matters from desire to the banal and identity to anonymity. Whilst offering an alternative presentation of female identity, YETI sets out to explore the extent of the absurd and the effect of social media.